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Howdy!  I'm a 27 year radio veteran with the ringing endorsement from WWE Hall of Famer and former AWA World Champion Jerry "The King" Lawler, who proclaimed that I "have the perfect face for radio."

Mom and Dad named me after the Lee Majors character from the TV show The Big Valley, Heath Barkley.  I grew up being called "Heath Barkley" or "Heath Bar" - after the candy bar, which I think are disgusting incidentally.  I go by plain ole "Heath" most of the time.  "Heath", "Heath Barkley", "Heath Bar"...call me what you want, just don't call me late for supper!

I come from a place you will never find on any map - Pennington, which is what I call a "suburb" of Grubbs, Arkansas, where my dad has been the town barber for over 40 years now.  Speaking of Dad, he and Mom are both so proud that I have found a career that allows me to get paid to sit on my rump, play music and talk all day...

When I am not sitting on my rump, playing music and talking all day, I am usually spending time with my family, which consists of my daughter Caitlynn and my son Collin.  Yeah, I get to pay for my raising AND my wife's raising.  Oh, my wife is Jennifer, and she is the perfect country girl...she drives like Daisy Duke and cooks like Ellie May Clampett.  We also have a Boston Terrier named Boofford, a Boston Terrier named Chewbacca - Chewie for short, several freshwater fish and an ornate bichir named Mooch.  (Go ahead, and Google that last one...)

In whatever passes for free time, I love to read.  I am a total geek, and have collected comic books for over 30 years.  I also have one of the top comic book review sites on the internet.  My comic book geekdom has allowed me to meet such geek icons as the "real" Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach), as well as Erin Gray (Wilma Deering from Buck Rodgers), Rob Van Dam and Lou Ferrigno (TV's Hulk).  It has also given me the distinct and weird opportunity to interact with some big name writers and has actually placed me and members of my family in fictional works.  For instance, author Steve Alten made my son an assassin in his novel Resurrection, I help spread a world-ending plague in Alten's Grim Reaper: End of Days and if you look at Chapter 6 in Alten's novel Meg: Primal Waters, you will get to read of my untimely demise to the teeth of a monster shark.  The latter has been optioned as a motion picture, so some time in the future you may be able to see me as chum on the big screen.

Sadly, I am also a diehard San Francisco 49ers fan.  Such a fan that my son is named after the greatest quarterback in history, Joe Montana.  It is a rare sight to see me without a 49er ball cap on my head. 

I am thrilled to be at KWCK 99-9 and I love meeting all of our listeners out and about and talking to you on the KWCK listener line when you call and tell me what you want to hear on KWCK 99-9!


20 Questions with Heath

20 Questions with Heath

1. What is the weirdest thing about you?
Oh, there are so many things...where to start? It could be that I have the perfect face for radio. Or maybe the fact that I have been a diehard San Francisco 49er fan for over 30 years.  Or it could be that I am a character in author Steve Alten's novels Grim Reaper: End of Days and Meg: Primal Waters. (Chapter 6...I'm an exec from Enron who ends up being fed to a monster shark.) Or it could be the fact that I am a tremendous geek...I love comic books, horror movies, video games...basically anything that qualifies me to be a geek!

2. What are the book, the Movie and the song that has had the most impact on your life?
BOOK – I read too much, but I would have to say that it's one of three books - either Stephen King's Pet Semetary (scariest book I ever read) or King's The Stand (Best. Book. Ever.), or it could be P.F. Kluge's Eddie & the Cruisers, which spawned my all time favorite movie. My amazing wife actually tracked down a first print of this book SIGNED by the author at a small college in Ohio, where he is a professor.

MOVIE – Eddie & The Cruisers, and any and all GOOD zombie flicks, the Halloween franchise sans Part 3, The Friday the 13th franchise sans New Beginning, the Texas Chainsaw franchise, and the Star Wars movies sans Phantom Menace. (I still haven't forgiven George Lucas for that one...Jar Jar Binks...ugh.)

SONG – Mark Wills' "19 Something" - tells the true story of my life...not to mention my age...

3. If you could turn pro in one sport, what would it be?
Football...never had a chance to play anything but Backyard Ball, but I was at one time the Joe Montana of the Thanksgiving afternoon Backyard Ball and could run the "Statue of Liberty" play like no one else!

4. If you could be on a reality show, which one would it be?
The Amazing Race w/my wife...because I am already used to my wife telling me where to go...

5. Your favorite celebrity moment?
I have a couple…several years ago I bragged on the air that I would run Jerry “The King” Lawler out of town when he arrived for a remote broadcast. I spent all morning bragging about what I would do to “The King” and what wrestling moves I would slap on him, such as the Tasmanian Toe-Twister and the Cucamongain King Killer. Little did I know that “The King” had been listening to the radio that morning. When I went to the remote broadcast, “The King” saw me, jumped up from where he was signing autographs, threw his chair against the wall, ran and got in my face while we were live on the air and proceeded to tell me he “had seen more guts on a skeleton” and that I “had the perfect face for radio.” Wondering how that one came out? Well, look who is still around the heart of Arkansas and who left the area…need I say more?!

A geek moment happened in Los Angeles at a comic book convention. I walked around a corner and walked into Lou Ferrigno talking to Erin Gray…and they both included me in the conversation! Moments later, Rob Van Dam and I tried to explain to Catherine Bach who he was. 

Lots of other celeb moments…my son when he was younger played backstage with Trace Adkins’ daughter while I introduced him on stage…I ticked off Neal McCoy backstage during the NBA playoffs one year when I proclaimed that the Bulls and Jordan would hammer the Utah Jazz, and unbeknownst to me he was standing behind me wearing a Jazz t-shirt…Meeting .38 Special backstage after seeing them 7 different times over the years, having them sign my son’s acoustic guitar, my son then giving it to me and then having Donnie Van Zant point us out during the show.  Meeting Reba, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Hank Williams, Jr. and Brooks & Dunn on their farewell tour.

6. If you could fix one thing with the world what would it be?
The economy…or at least find a way for me to have more money in my pocket more often.

7. Craziest job perk you can come up with?
I get to sit on my rump, play music and talk all day…and get paid for it! (Yeah, after all these years, my mom and dad still can’t believe it, either…)

8. Who are your heroes?
My mom and dad have always been my heroes. My dad has been a small town barber and his own boss for over 40 years now. And my mom for basically raising me and surviving the ordeal. (If you know her, I’m the reason for her hair color…) Even to this day, they are still both my heroes, because one way or the other, they are always there for me when I need it. And next to my wife and kids, they are my number one fans…but they never make it to the phone booth fan club meetings… 
Oh...and Joe Montana, Cosmo Kramer and Statler and Waldorf (the two grumpy old critics in the balcony from "The Muppet Show)...

9. Favorite vending machine food?
I’m not much on vending machines…yeah…I’m that guy who puts his money in and the candy or chips almost falls...and then doesn’t. Then I am up to my elbow in the vending machine and stuck there until the police arrive… BUT if I had to pick one candy, it would be the GREATEST candy OF ALL TIME - the delicious, immortal creation known as MALLO CUPS!!

10. Personal Motto?
Look out for number one, and don’t step in number two.

11. Favorite TV show?
I watch entirely too much TV.  Thank God for the DVR!  Faves include Seinfeld, WKRP, MASH, Beverly Hillbillies (kinda like watching old home movies of the in-laws), Sanford & Son, All in the Family, Lost, Heroes, Prison Break, One Tree Hill, The Big Valley (it's where my parents came up with my name - Heath Barkley), Quantum Leap, Enterprise, Survivor, Amazing Race, TNA Impact, AWA Wrestling on ESPN Classic, and I am sure there are tons more I could add later...

12. What is your Dream Car?
A midnight blue Mustang…I still miss the last one I had before I had to “grow up” and get a family vehicle…

13. Who would you like to see on money?
I have always thought that Joe Montana has earned a place on some paper money…maybe a new $49 bill…

14. Last purchase over $50?
I work in radio…do you really think I have had $50 on me at any given time?!

15. The song that fits me best now is?
Mark Wills’ “19 Something”

16. Where do you go, or what do you do to “get away from it all”?
I sit down in front of the big screen TV and play Resident Evil 4 – the greatest video game EVER. Since I have already beaten it several times, I have unlocked the infinite rocket launcher, so I just shoot and shoot and blow zombies to bloody, gory smithereens. Really relaxing.

17. What’s your wildest dream?
Always wanted to start for the 49ers at quarterback, but now I am as old as Brett Favre and that’s not a possibility. Maybe I should pursue my second dream and be a writer...

18. What is your proudest moment?
This one is a three way tie – the day my beautiful wife and I were married, the day my son was born and the day my daughter came into this world.

19. What was your first job?
Radio! Since the age of 15, this is all I have ever done!

20. What or who is you inspiration?
First and foremost, all glory goes to God. Additionally, I have a great support system: my wife Jenni, my son Collin, my daughter Caitybug and my parents. All of the above inspire me, encourage me and give me the strength to do any and everything that I do.



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